Suppliers of Construction Materials

Japhetic Enterprises Limited is a leading business and company in the supply of construction materials such as Foundation stones, Machine cut stones, Riversand , Rocksand , Volcano sand/Mai Mahiu sand, Ballast, Gravels, Quarry waste, Hardcore etc.

Reliable Suppliers.

Welcome to Japhetic Enterprises Limited, a company in Kenya dedicated in the supply and delivery of construction materials such as Rock sand, Bush stones, sand etc. in Kenya. What sets us apart is our dedication to outstanding customer experiences.

Japhetic Enterprises Limited sets the bar high in quality, service and technology by collaborating with industry leaders at the forefront of innovation. Staying abreast of advances in construction and trends enables us to deliver high quality products and sustainable solutions to our residential and commercial clients.

At the core of Construction

When having a construction project in Kenya, you will need the best materials available. Japhetic Enterprises Limited is your able provider and supplier of construction materials such as Sand, Machine Cut Stones, Hardcore, Kokoto etc. Japhetic Enterprises Limited has the capacity to package, deliver and offload our construction material at your site. Our capability is proven by the ability we have to deliver our products countrywide. We will travel anywhere!!

Logistics Capabilities:

Japhetic Enterprises Limited has a highly reliable and immense chain of vehicles and equipment to facilitate transportation of construction material. From FH trucks all the way to large cargo trucks to earth movers, loaders and folk lifts, our logistics infrastructure is set to provide you with the service and products you need.

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Our goal and objective as a Construction Materials Supplier in Kenya is to provide the best solution there can ever be for you and your construction project!


Years of Experience

The team and Management at Japhetic Enterprises has a vast and diverse experience of over 5 (Five) years in the supply of construction materials.

Reliable Customer Service

We realize that our clients have many suppliers to choose from and hence we endeavor to provide the best customer service.

Diverse Portfolio

Over the years since the start and formation of Japhetic Enterprises Limited, we have accumulated a diverse selection of clients.

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